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Chamber News

Attendance of members: Cory Ayers, Stephanie McKibben, Caren Snyder, Heather Knecht, Brooke
Lengerich and Rich Schamerloh. Also, in attendance was Alice Eshelman, Phil Hibbert, Debra Doctor and
Alyssa Alaimo.

Secretary Report- January Minutes were submitted and approved. It was discussed to make available
meeting minutes to chamber members. On the new website, it will be possible to do so and will plan to
do so in the future.

Treasurer Report presented by Brooke Lengerich. It was suggested to possibly joining the Huntington
County Business Chamber. A list of current business chamber members was presented. The treasurer
report was approved.

Marketing committee report was presented by Alyssa Alaimo to everyone. Quarterly Marketing report
was approved.

Chamber Events:
Friday night street fair-Pam Kessie is in charge of the street fairs. The name has changed to “First Friday
Street Fairs.” Stephanie is helping Pam find bands for the events.

Vintage and Handmade Market-Alyssa is finalizing the 2020 application and is having vendors reaching
out to her for the event.

Farmer’s Market-Cory has 2 volunteers to help her with the markets in addition to adding
entertainment. Lori McBride the Tea Room has volunteered to also help, so there will be a committee of
4 working on the markets. Cory is also receiving applications.

Taste of Roanoke-Alice will be in charge of the event and confirmed the date for the 3 rd Saturday of

Christmas in the Village-will discuss the event in the future.

Update on the website-should be live in 4 weeks.

New Business: Debra Doctor discuss the opening of the Copper Still. Soft Opening Wed 2/4 and 2/5 and
then Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is Friday 2/6 at noon with live music and light refreshments. All local
businesses are invited to the ceremony on Friday. Normal business hours will be closed on Mondays,
Tuesday/Thursday 2-10pm, Friday/Saturday 1-11:30pm, Sunday-reservations only for private parties.
The event will be shared on the Facebook Merchant Page to make sure everyone is invited.

Alice would like to have a merchant meeting again. Alice purposed meeting at the Emporium at 8:30am
on the third Thursday of the month. It was discussed that in the past it was the same business
representatives that came to the meetings. Since there are new businesses in town everyone agreed it
was a great idea.  February 20th will be the first meeting hosted by Alice at the Emporium.
Alice already has contact information and the information will be shared on the Facebook merchant

Alyssa discussed the 2020 event calendar for Roanoke and will send it out.

New Businesses coming to Roanoke: Ella Chic Boutique will be opening this spring.

Rich Schamerloh gave an update that things are progressing forward.

Construction was discussed for 2020. There will not be any construction on Main Street that will conflict
with events. The biggest concern will be construction on a water main on High Street that might be a
concern with the car show. Phil will provide updates as things get closer to events.
Next meeting is Monday, March 2 nd at 5:30pm at the Roanoke Library.

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