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DeLaney Hartburg Roth & Garrott LLP

No one likes to have legal problems, but it may be unavoidable. Having a veteran lawyer to guide you through whatever it is you are dealing with can make the situation a lot easier. At DeLaney Hartburg Roth & Garrott LLP, we have two goals in focus — to understand our clients' needs and help them find solutions.

Our firm has been in the practice of law for over 140 years, and our current professionals have a wealth of background and experience. You can feel safe in knowing that you have a team of knowledgeable and effective legal professionals representing your best interests.
Serving the Community

We are all a part of the community we serve, and know the importance of giving back and supporting local improvement and growth. You will see from the attorney profiles on our website, that our attorneys have historically held leadership positions in major local foundations, participate in a broad array of local charitable organizations, and regularly devote their time and resources to various community projects and groups. If you need a lawyer with dedication and commitment, you need a DeLaney Hartburg Roth & Garrott LLP lawyer.
Finding Solutions through Service

We are available by appointment on nights and weekends. Our firm has three convenient locations in Huntington, Roanoke, and Warren.

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