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Antiques from B.C.

Looking for the unique and unusual gift? Something special for that special someone? Bruce Chaney's Antique Shop is in its 25th year very unique from others in the area as it is a true antique shop; no collectibles, no vintage, but true Period furniture (we're talking Chippendale, Hepplewhite, etc.), Victorian pieces (furniture and dining) and Country furniture (like 1830's Windsor chairs.) One of a kind treasured items that can't be purchased in a box store.

Bruce has been selling antiques since 1989 but has been collecting them since the 1950's when visiting relatives took him to an estate sale and he was hooked. "A true antique," explains Chaney, "is at least 100 years old, and especially includes items made before the Industrial Revolution in the 1830's. After then there were more goods produced by machinery; before then items were handcrafted or made in smaller numbers." Chaney does go on to explain that he makes an exception to the 100 year rule for Art Nouveau and Art Deco items of the early 1900's to 1930's because of their beautiful lines and style.

Currently, Chaney has a large selection of cut glass pieces. Dating back to the Victorian times, craftsmen cut designs into glass of many forms and patterns creating "beautiful art pieces that are useful," says Chaney. Along with the many pieces of silver that he carries, "these works of art are useful, not something to be put on the shelf and looked at." The cut glass includes vases, bowls, dishes and pitchers; his silver collection has hard to find tea pots, sugars and creamers, trays, cutlery and more. These silver pieces according to Chaney are elegant and long lasting and make caring, timeless gifts.

Because of the nature of the shop, the inventory is constantly evolving. Items he currently has in the shop are oil paintings, salt glazed crocks and butter churn with cobalt blue decoration, a small mustard painted immigrant chest, a magnificent 50 piece set of Steuben glass, bronze figures from the late 1800's on black marble plinths and furniture from different eras displaying it all.

Antiques by Bruce Chaney is located north of Roanoke in the old Jackson Township #1 School building built in 1915. The address is: 10979 North Roanoke Road on the corner of 1100 North, a short block west from US24. It is open 10am - 5pm Monday - Saturday and Sundays by appointment at 260-672-9744.

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Bruce Chaney

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